Press Release

Payment Processing

Colorado Information Sharing Consortium - Launch a new payment Processing for their back office. A service offered by SIPA.

What Grants Can Do

Thanks to the efforts of the State Legislature and the Colorado Department of Public Safety (DPS), Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), round one of the Law Enforcement Public Safety and Criminal Justice Sharing Grant Program(LEPIS)  became a reality. 

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Legislators Must Not Allow “Warrant-Proof Encryption” To Make America A More Dangerous Place

William Craig Whisman came to a parking lot in Plano with a stuffed toy, intending to have sex with a young girl whose father had offered her up in a website chatroom.   Earlier, Whisman had sent two videos to the father in which Whisman simulated the acts he wanted to commit on the young girl. Now, he was there to make his fantasy a reality.

Fortunately, the girl was not real. But after law enforcement discovered that Whisman had sent pictures of other children – this time real children he had secretly photographed while standing in line at a local Home Depot – officers ended their ruse and swept in to arrest him

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