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Kaffeinated Kodemonkey, a DHS Certified Trusted Tester

Conducted an A11y Audit & Evaluation on the CISC’s website for ADA compliance
based on the WCAG/508 2.1 Level AA requirements.

Trusted Tester ID: #TT-2311-03604


Proof Of Compliance (POC) Certificate

This website proudly displays a POC Certificate issued by Kaffeinated Kodemonkey, verifying adherence to the Colorado State Bill HB21-1110, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508 accessibility standards.

The POC Certificate serves as a valuable tool for evaluating a product's accessibility. It's important to recognize that, even if a product fulfills all technical requirements, individuals with disabilities may encounter difficulties based on the nature or severity of their disability.

Conversely, a product that doesn't fully meet all technical requirements can still be highly accessible if it doesn't necessitate specific accessibility features, such as large buttons or hearing aids for those with hearing disabilities.

While achieving absolute accessibility perfection may pose challenges, many products can effectively cater to the needs of most individuals with disabilities. The POC Certificate underscores our dedication to ADA compliance and alignment with state WCAG/508 2.1 Level AA requirements.


Evaluation Environment

Browsers:Firefox and Chrome
Operating System:Linux/Ubuntu 20.4
Mobile Device:Talkback on Android

Technology Tools

Screen Reader:NVDA, ChromeVox
Third-Party:PopeTech Platform, SEO PowerSuite
Plugins:ANDI, WAVE, Accessibility Insights
Keyboard Only:Yes

Interacting with an A11y Website

This website has been designed following the WCAG 2.1/508 AA requirements.

The goal of the developers is for the site to be accessible to as many people as possible. While this can be challenging, many products can still be effectively and efficiently used by individuals with disabilities.

Screen Resolution

This website is designed to respond to the size of your screen. Resize your browser to the size that best suits your needs.

Magnify the screen

Many web browsers allow you to zoom in on web pages using simple keyboard controls. The magnifier allows you to focus on specific parts of the screen, enlarging the text and other page elements.

Skip to content

For those of you using a screen reader or navigating without a mouse, you have the option to skip straight to the content by clicking "Skip to main content".


All pages contain a link to the home page, sitemap, and search box. The primary navigation has been built in a consistent fashion to provide clear navigation throughout the site. Secondary navigation is provided for way-finding through individual sections of the site.

Text Contrast

All text on this site has been created to have a contrast ratio over its background of over 4.5:1. This adheres to W3C Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 level AA.


Links have been written to make sense out of context, and title tags or spans of text only visible to screen readers have been used to expand on the meaning of short links.


All content images on this site are provided with descriptive ALT attributes. Graphics that are purely decorative in function have empty ALT attributes, to prevent them from displaying on screen readers.


All tables are designed to flow left to right, top to bottom. Using HTML markup properly to communicate relationships between column and row headers and the data cells within their scope, allowing assistive technology to interact with them correctly.


All audio/videos are designed to not auto-play. We employ media players that include accessibility allowing the user to start, stop, pause, etc...This site includes either the use caption or transcript.


All forms are designed to flow left to right, top to bottom. An astrict (*) and/or red text is used to indicate a required field. Any errors on submission are noted accordingly and supply acquitted information to resolve the error.


All PDFs are saved accordingly to allow screen readers to read them in the correct fashion pet the set language.

Additional Assistance

If you use assistive technology and have trouble accessing information due to the website's format, please contact us. ←[ link to contact ] Describe the accessibility issue, preferred format, and web address of the material, and provide your contact information for prompt assistance.


Proof of Compliance Certificate

Proof of Compliance Certificate

The Proof of Compliance Certificate (shown above) displays the following:

  • Compliance Level: WCAG/508 2.1 Level AA
  • Product: CISC Website
  • URL:
  • Evaluation Version: V1.0
  • Risk Score: 1
  • Expiration Date Sept 2023
  • A11y Developer: #TT-2311-03604